A checklist of luxury vinyl flooring characteristics

A checklist of luxury vinyl flooring characteristics

If you’re coming to luxury vinyl flooring to discover the characteristics that best serve you, you're in the right place. You'll find that these floors offer something for everyone to ensure the perfect remodel, no matter how large or small.

Finding out more about luxury vinyl floors is easy, and you can quickly compare the attributes to your requirements for the perfect fit. Here are some quick characteristics you'll want to learn more about.

1. Complete waterproof protection –
One thing that draws more homeowners and businesses to luxury vinyl is its complete waterproof protection. This characteristic protects your luxury vinyl floors and gives you complete peace of mind long after your flooring is installed.

2. Stunning visual appeal –
Luxury vinyl flooring mimics all-natural tile, stone, and solid hardwood flooring, for surfaces that match any décor scheme. Remember to ask about more artistic features, such as geometric or abstract shapes, for beautiful, unique rooms.

3. Easy to install –
When you choose the floating installation option, you’ll find we can often install these floors in one day. You can walk on them as soon as the installation is complete.

4. Ease of cleaning –
With a broom and damp mop, luxury vinyl floors can be cleaned in a new condition. Be sure to clean up spills immediately, and never use a steam cleaner.

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