Luxury vinyl flooring is a perfect addition to every room in your home and offers special extras that magnify your décor. You'll enjoy creating a décor match with extensive visual options that give you everything you want and need from your remodeling experience.

Considering all the options that could serve your household is well worth your time, based on your existing décor. Here are some facts that will make your shopping experience even more successful.

Choose a perfect match

When you consider your existing décor, what comes to mind when you think of ways to match it with luxury vinyl flooring? You likely have some great ideas for color, texture, format, and layout that could affect this visual in fantastic ways.

But if you need help determining which options will be a great match, we're here to help you fill in the blanks. In addition, we share outstanding current trends that are in place to give you the match you've always wanted.

Consider the added benefits

Besides offering a perfect visual match, luxury vinyl flooring also provides outstanding extended benefits. Complete waterproof protection ensures water damage is never a concern, and a protective layer guards against daily wear.

With excellent luxury vinyl floors, you can create floors that will last over 20 years. We'll also give you tips on care and maintenance so your floors serve you well over time.

Find your vinyl flooring here today

At Surfaces NW, we want to do everything in our power to give you the floors of your dreams, with an extensive inventory and expert guidance. If you have questions, we have answers and will work with you to create surfaces you'll love for years.

When ready for the best luxury vinyl flooring, visit our showroom in Salem, OR. We serve Salem, Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, and McMinnville, OR, and we look forward to working with you too.