Luxury vinyl flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

Luxury vinyl flooring matches an eclectic decor

Many homeowners wonder if luxury vinyl flooring will match their eclectic decor. The simple answer is a resounding yes.

The many visuals available in this product line will cater to this need. And when you see them for yourself, you'll see it's true.

What is eclectic decor?

An eclectic design brings many different elements together in the same room. You might see a mixture of patterns, textures, and prints.

The style might also combine vintage and modern components in the same room. And luxury vinyl flooring makes perfect sense in this setting.

The variety found in luxury vinyl floors

When you choose luxury vinyl floors, you'll see the variety that makes them so versatile. They can mimic real wood, tile, and natural stone, with unique colors and textures.

These looks blend well with many different decor types, perfect for the eclectic style. Choose colors and more that cater to your specifics for the best results.

You'll love all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

Besides offering impressive looks, these floors are beneficial in other ways too. For example, they provide excellent durability and protection, even in high-traffic spaces.

Scratch and stain protection give you more confidence if you have pets or children. Vinyl flooring also brings complete waterproof protection for even more peace of mind.

We have the luxury vinyl floors you need

Surfaces NW offers the luxury vinyl flooring that will serve your entire home. Our inventory has plenty of materials, matching them with the perfect services.

You'll find our showroom in Salem, OR, and you can visit us any time. Our associates are standing by to ensure you leave with the best products.

We invite you to come and choose your luxury vinyl flooring today. We cater to residents from:

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