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Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

For those searching for the best carpet flooring, fiber options are sure to come up as an important starting place. If you wonder what the difference is between nylon and polyester, that is just what today’s post is about, so read along to find out.

Carpet flooring fibers matter

The reason nylon and polyester are often compared with one another is that they offer such similar characteristics. However, they are just different enough that one is likely to work better for you in specific spaces than the other, so here are some key differences you might consider.

Both nylon and polyester feature durability that works well in various spaces, but nylon is usually considered more resilient than polyester. That means it has the capability of “bouncing back” time after time, where polyester will show the effects of foot traffic in less time.

If stain resistance is the essential quality you are looking for in carpet, you will find the better option to be polyester. It is hydrophobic, therefore repelling liquids, while nylon is an absorbent material that soaks up spills quickly if no existing stain protection is present.

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