Waterproof flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

Waterproof flooring is perfect for living rooms

If you think waterproof floors have no place in the living room, think again! Waterproof flooring will serve your needs better than others you've looked at.

The extensive benefits of these floors make them perfect for the busy space and the décor needs it brings. Here are some facts to help you choose an excellent option for your home.

Enjoy beauty and elegance

If you love the look of natural wood and stone, you'll love what these floors can do for your home. Waterproof floors mimic these materials with outstanding realism to match any décor scheme, including rustic and formal.

In both situations, waterproof flooring brings color, texture, and layout potential that will likely surpass your needs. Take the time to browse each look that could work for your existing décor.

Enjoy durability and performance

Of course, waterproof floors offer the durability of complete waterproof protection, even in flood conditions. That means that moisture, humidity, spills, and dampness are no match for these products.

But you'll also gain scratch, scuff, dent, and stain resistance for a fantastic waterproof flooring choice for homes with pets and children. Ask for more information about the wear layer and protective topcoat found on these materials if you need the best protection for your living room spaces.

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