Can luxury vinyl flooring be steam cleaned?

Can luxury vinyl flooring be steam cleaned?

If you're like most homeowners, you want a luxury vinyl tile or plank that's easy to clean, especially if you have an active, busy household. Today, we're going to talk more specifically about steam cleaning and why it's not something we recommend for luxury vinyl, so read along with today's post for more details.

Let’s consider luxury vinyl plank and tile steam cleaning

You may find information concerning cleaning methods that says it's OK to steam clean your luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring during your search. However, we do not recommend the practice, which also mimics most manufacturers' recommendations.

Even though these products are 100% waterproof, steam cleaning involves excessive temperatures that could damage your new flooring. Many machines also utilize a lot of pressure, not advised for your luxury vinyl floors.

Instead of using this cleaning device or method, consider other options to give you much better results. When you visit our showroom, we’ll be glad to share some ideas that are specifically suited for your flooring type, and we’ll give you information about professional cleaning options as well, so stop by any time.

Finding your LVT or LVP flooring is easier than you think

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