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Do waterproof flooring cores matter?

Choosing waterproof floors means you'll never have to worry about water damage. You'll be wholly protected from dampness, humidity, and spills even in basements.

But what makes a floor covering waterproof? And does it matter anyway?

What is the waterproof core?

When luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured, it creates layers. The core layer is responsible for ensuring your protection from water damage.

Two standard core components are wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite. This layer works in combination with vinyl, which is waterproof too.

Is one core material better than the other?

The core layers have some differences between them, so one may serve you better than the other. For example, SPC is more rigid than WPC but also thinner.

That's why WPC is warmer to the touch and a bit more resilient. The added cushion also translates into more comfort and noise reduction.

Do the cores affect the installation?

Both waterproof products offer glue-down and floating installations. However, since SPC is thinner, adding an underlayment to these products can be beneficial.

You'll also find SPC is a little more protective, especially against dents and impacts. You can also use area rugs and runners for added surface protection.

When you're ready to see waterproof floors for yourself, visit our showroom. We'll make sure you see the differences between these two materials.

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