Does luxury vinyl tile have to be grouted?

While luxury vinyl tile and plank offer the option for grout work, it isn't necessary for either product. As you read through today’s post with us, you’ll find out why grout is ultimately unnecessary, along with a few other facts that can help you choose perfect options for these materials.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile: to grout or not to grout?

When choosing authentic porcelain or ceramic tile, grout is often the determining factor in outstanding water resistance. However, when you choose luxury vinyl plank and tile, the waterproof protection lies in the actual product and not the sealing work of grout, so you're safe from water damage with or without it.

For visual appeal, grout can be added to enhance the overall aesthetic of your design in planks and tiles alike for a beautiful décor match in any area of your home. But they can be visually appealing without grout as the pieces are designed to snap together in many instances.

If you choose to utilize grout in your design, you can opt for thick or thin lines, even choosing different grout colors to enhance your interior design. For more information on grouting or its lack, be sure to visit us whenever you're in the area.

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