Waterproof flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

Does waterproof flooring need an underlayment?

It depends upon the specific surface; there are four types of waterproof floors. They include tile, waterproof laminate, luxury vinyl, and waterproof flooring. In addition, there are many underlayments, so it's important to discuss this in detail when shopping for waterproof floors in Salem, OR.

What is an underlayment?

This is the material that lies between the sub and surface floor. Underlayments make a floor look and perform better; they hide subfloor imperfections, provide stability, and act as a noise and thermal insulator. Some underlayments are also moisture barriers.

Underlayments come in many materials, including felt, fiber, foam, cork, rubber, and cement or particleboard. If your flooring comes with one pre-attached, there's no need for an additional cushion.

When to use an underlayment

1. Tile: Often called backers, cement boards, or particleboard, the purpose of this flooring is to smooth out uneven spots and create a moisture barrier between the sub and surface floors. The tile underlayment also creates a layer that prevents the floor from bending underfoot so the grout lines won't crumble and cause the tiles to crack.

2. Laminate: Using one with laminate is vital, especially for stability. Without it, your laminate floor will shift and move, making it susceptible to wear, tear, and damage.

3. Luxury vinyl: Technically, it doesn't need one unless you're laying over concrete when you need a moisture barrier. You might still want one (unless there's one already attached) because keep in mind that an underlayment provides aesthetic and functional benefits.

4. Waterproof flooring. Discuss this in detail with your flooring pro.

Underlayments are crucial to any floor remodeling, and the right one depends on the type and condition of the subfloor. That holds for any flooring, whether it's waterproof or not. So come into the Surfaces NW showroom in Salem, OR, learn more, and get a free waterproof flooring quote. We work with homeowners, builders, contractors, real estate associates, and other businesses in and around Salem, Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, or McMinnville.