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Synthetic and natural fibers: One will serve you best

As you shop for the perfect carpet flooring, you'll find both synthetic and natural fibers. One is manufactured, and one occurs in nature, serving different functions.

One will likely serve your needs best, and we'll help you figure that out. Be sure to share your flooring needs and vision when you speak with one of our associates.

Synthetic fibers facts

Synthetic fibers have many benefits, including excellent elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and load-bearing capabilities. They also resist shrinking and are available in large quantities in the industry.

You'll also find synthetic carpet flooring to be very affordable. But they can also offer stain, odor, and water-resistant, depending on the brand you choose.

Natural fiber facts

Wool is the perfect example of natural fiber, and these options offer a wealth of benefits. For instance, you'll find that natural fibers can balance humidity levels for a better environment.

Natural floors can absorb indoor air pollutants to create better air quality. But they're also some of the most beautiful flooring options, with brilliant color.

Which carpet flooring fiber is a better choice?

Synthetic fibers are best if you need carpet floors that offer extensive durability. In addition, some brands feature built-in stain and odor resistance, perfect for pet owners.
If stunning color is your most important feature, natural fibers work well. So, be sure to consider both during your visit.

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