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Take the stress out of understanding carpet textures

Carpet flooring is a perfect material for so many rooms in your home. They come with excellent attributes and benefits so that you can personalize the product to your needs.

Carpet texture is a choice that is often misunderstood. But we will give you some simple facts in today's post.

Avoiding confusion

There are many different carpet textures available. With so much diversity, it's easy to get lost in a sea of words.

The important thing is to remember what textures relate to. Here are some facts about each.

  • Loop pile –Uncut loops create a tight texture that hides footprints and vacuumtracks. Berber carpet flooring is an example, with excellentperformance in high traffic areas.

  • Cut-loop pile –Loops are sheared at the same level, with short stature and softertouch. Changing the specific twist or density creates a slightlydifferent texture, including plush and velvet as examples.

  • Variable cutand loop – These carpets feature loop and cut-loop pileswith different heights, patterns, colors, stripes, and other designfeatures. Visual results and softness can vary extensively.

Height differences affect the carpet texture

Be sure to consider the pile height when choosing a carpet flooring texture. The effects can vary based on fiber choice.

  • Low pile –fibers shorter than ¼ inch

  • Medium pile –fibers between ¼ and ½ inch

  • High pile –fibers between ½ and ¾ inches

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