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What colors are trending for luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy product to fall in love with, especially if you are looking for a trendy solution to go along with your décor and interior design schemes. In today's post, we will talk briefly about some top-rated color options to help you decide which ones are best for your home, so follow along with us.

Luxury vinyl floors for you

One of the most popular colors for vinyl flooring is gray, especially if you choose wood-look materials, although they are just as popular in the stone appearance category. This color gives your contemporary home a relaxed elegance that sets the stage for décor that matches the tone.

Along the same line, whitewash is another variation of gray that has come to light this year in a big way. It has a rustic feel that matches a wealth of décor elements that could remain current for as long as your flooring is in place.

For many homeowners, a high variation color scheme can be just as important, creating a visually appealing space that is never too busy. However, be sure to pair this color scheme with options that will not overpower the design, creating visual havoc as a result.

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