Waterproof flooring from Surfaces NW in Salem, OR

What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring, also known as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, has four layers, including a core layer. The stone plastic composite (SPC) core, composed mainly of limestone, is waterproof. SPC flooring comes in planks that have a wood look and tiles that have a stone look. Surfaces NW carries a selection of waterproof flooring in Salem, OR. You'll find the latest SPC flooring styles when you visit our showroom. 


SPC is a virtually indestructible material. This is one of the reasons that SPC flooring is the most durable waterproof vinyl floor covering available. What's more, the thin planks and tiles feel sturdy, and more like the materials, they mimic than standard flexible vinyl. This pet-friendly floor covering is ideal for very active households as well as commercial applications.

Additional layers

The three layers that complement the SPC core layer are also tough. The backing layer offers stability and protection for the subfloor and flooring. The transparent wear layer protects the design layer, which shows off a realistic digital image of hardwood or stone. High-quality brands have at least a 20 mil wear layer thickness, and perhaps, an additional protective coating.


Most SPC flooring has a click and lock design, which means no glue is needed for installation. Instead, the waterproof floors float over the subfloor or, sometimes, an existing floor. Padding, or underlayment, beneath the flooring provides cushioning, and it muffles the sound of footsteps. If padding does not come pre-attached to the flooring, it can be installed separately.

Surfaces NW, founded in 2011, serves Salem and surrounding Oregon communities, including Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, and McMinnville. We install what we sell. Our online chat service provides a good starting point for an SPC waterproof flooring project. You can also view our online catalog, return the 'request a free flooring estimate' form, or visit our showroom in Salem and speak to a flooring specialist.