Waterproof flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

What is WPC flooring? Is it waterproof?

WPC flooring is so waterproof it offers the highest level of moisture protection. These 100% waterproof floors get the name from the WPC (wood plastic composite) score, a technologically advanced product that won’t peel or ripple no matter how much water it's exposed to or for how long. Sometimes you’ll also see something referred to as an SPC (stone plastic composite) floor; that, too, is a technologically advanced core with the same level of moisture protection but with a firmer, more rigid feeling underfoot. To find out more, come into the surfaces NW showroom when shopping for waterproof floors in Salem, OR.

WPC floors are waterproof vinyl

The luxury version of vinyl is called LVF. LVF is thick and waterproof, but a WPC floor is even thicker, more durable, and more long-lasting with the waterproof capabilities; in fact, you can leave your home for long periods, return to find an appliance flood, wipe it up and still see floors that look good as new.

High-end style

These floors
have the same high-end style, affordability, and functional capabilities as LVF. The images are taken with high definition and are clear and accurate, with knots, grains, swirls showing. Colors and patterns are vibrant, and all images follow the current trends, such as the wildly popular gray wood floors. The material can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards or squares, groutable pieces to echo stone and wood.

As with any LVF, these floors are low maintenance, with only daily sweeping and weekly mopping required. Please be sure to use a manufacturer-approved cleaner as some, especially the waxy shine-promoting ones, can harm the finish and dull the floor. Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor where the pieces click together, mat, then hover over a clean, dry, and level subfloor.

Whether you want a design consultation, area rug binding, installation, or flooring repair, we’re your one-stop source in the Salem OR area. To learn more about waterproof flooring, visit the Surfaces NW showroom. We service Salem, Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, and McMinnville and offer free quotes.