Waterproof flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

What makes luxury vinyl waterproof flooring?

While luxury vinyl (LVF) has many benefits, the biggest one is that it’s completely impervious to liquid.  That means you can now have affordable wood-look floors in your bathroom or kitchen, knowing it won’t warp from all the steam, water, and humidity.

Think again, though, if you believe LVF is only for wet rooms; it’s so stylish we see it in every room in the house, including the living area and bedrooms. LVF is perfect for the rainy Pacific Northwest, so come into our showroom when considering waterproof floors in Salem, OR.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant

To fully understand what makes something waterproof, understanding the difference between waterproof and water-resistant is imperative. These two terms are often used interchangeably, and that’s not correct.  Waterproof floors are built of completely water-tight materials. For LVF, that would be vinyl and the core of vinyl composites, resulting in a waterproof product that can be submerged or spilled on, and will remain undamaged. 

Water-resistant means there is an element of the item that’s waterproof, but there is some possibility that water will soak through to the core, which can result in staining, peeling, and rippling.  The key with a water-resistant floor is to wipe up the spills within 24 to 72 hours to prevent any damage.

An affordable style that checks all the boxes

You will be excited to see LVF images inspired by nature (but without the same price tag) and taken with 3D photography.  Photos of wood, stone, and tile are accurate and vibrant, with an almost endless number of colors and patterns. Also, embossing and micro beveling add depth, dimension, and textured features.  LVF can be cut into long planks to mimic hardwood (LVP) or square, groutable pieces used to echo stone and tile (LVT flooring), which adds extra seams for realism.

Other benefits include extreme durability; this is one of the most kid-and-pet-friendly floorings around, you never need to worry about dragged pull toys, and it is low maintenance. LVF offers an uncomplicated installation, a floating floor that is clicked, mat, and hover. 

Find out how this waterproof flooring will transform both your home and your life. Come into the Surfaces NW showroom in Salem, OR for some inspiration and a free quote. We’re convenient to Salem, Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, and McMinnville.