Choosing the best tile flooring

The right ceramic tile gives any remodeling project design and architectural interest with waterproof capabilities, durability, and easy cleanability. However, it's essential to choose the right type and understand this can make tile work in any flooring. Be sure to tell our experts exactly how you plan to use your floors.

Why is coefficient of friction (COF) so significant?

"Coefficient of friction" or "COF" on the label determines the level of a ceramic's slipperiness when wet. This can be a particular concern if you have toddlers, children, or senior residents in your home or if you're a building owner who deals with the public. COF should read, on the label, at least .50 for residential use and .60 for commercial. You can always increase it even more by selecting a tile with texture or selecting a non-slip one.

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What’s the best one for heavily trafficked floors?

You’ll be amazed at the wide assortment when you walk into our tile store in Salem, OR, but porcelain is the choice for floors in heavily trafficked, busy rooms like your kitchen and bath or a restaurant kitchen. Porcelain is a ceramic composed of nonporous clay, with sand and glass, resulting in a heavier, more dense, and waterproof tile. It can also be used outdoors ad withstands any weather condition, including freeze-thaw cycles. A large format tile, porcelain comes in an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns, including chevrons, herringbones, Moroccan or Greek designs, or floral, geometric, and Victorian encaustic styles. It can be made to look like anything, whether wood, stone, fabric, or leather. It's often the preferred choice for marble, and other stone looks since there are fewer grout lines.

Other ceramics include

Used mainly for residential installations and low-to-moderate foot traffic are the 4 X 4 squares, which are highly designed and often glazed. Terracotta bricks are durable and can be used indoors or out. Currently trending for bathroom floors, mosaics are tiny but durable, pebble-like, highly decorative, and often glass-coated ceramics; because of their small size, more grout lines increase traction. Subway tiles are best used on walls or indoors on very-low foot traffic rooms, like the bedroom.

Our in-house designers can help you sort it out and inspire you so you can find the best tile flooring for your residential or commercial remodeling project. To learn more, and get a free quote, come into the Surfaces Northwest showroom in Salem, OR. We service homeowners, builders and contractors in and around Salem, OR, Dallas, OR, Albany, OR, Corvallis, OR, and McMinnville, OR.