Can luxury vinyl flooring increase my home’s value?

Can luxury vinyl flooring increase my home’s value?

Can luxury vinyl flooring increase your home's value? The honest answer is that it cannot increase solid hardwood or all-natural stone value, but some factors make luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring more valuable to many home buyers and you.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile just for you

One of the things that make both solid hardwood and all-natural stone so valuable is the extensive lifespan it carries, providing more than 100 years with proper maintenance. While luxury vinyl tile and plank cannot offer those numbers, they provide other characteristics and benefits that make it a great fit while also providing extensive value.

The visuals, for instance, mimic both solid wood and stone, giving you the luxury of creating that same, sought-after appearance that goes with so many décor options. Choose from all the colors you would expect from nature, as well as the unique textures.

These floors offer 100% waterproof protection, which is another thing home buyers and homeowners alike enjoy. That means you can easily have a natural wood appearance in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or any room where the look is desired, without a single negative effect of water damage.

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