Waterproof Flooring in Salem, OR

Are you looking for waterproof floors for your home or office? It’s an excellent choice in terms of durability, style, and design. WPC vinyl tile and WPC vinyl plank flooring are best known for being 100% waterproof. WPC stands for wood polymer composite, which is the material the floors are made from. If you are looking for waterproof floorings for your home or office, come see Surfaces NW in our showroom in Salem, OR. We serve homeowners and businesses in all surrounding areas including Salem, OR, Dallas, OR, Albany, OR, Corvallis, OR, and McMinnville, OR. The options are endless both in terms of style, design, color, and texture. And they can also be found at price points that fit any budget. WPC floors provide superior stability with high-design. They are not only ideal for areas such as the kitchen, or laundry room, or mudroom, or even a four season room; but also every other room in your home. If a spill occurs, just wipe it up! If a disaster occurs like a busted pipe, you have no need to worry, at least in terms of the floors. With the floating floor installation or click together method, all you need to do is take the floor up; let the subfloor dry; then click the floor planks or tiles together again. No need to replace your floors in this situation. For active households, with children and pets, this flooring could be a lifesaver. Spills and accidents can easily be cleaned up, without any type of damage to the floors. The ease of maintenance coupled with the durability makes this a perfect floor for any household. If you are looking for a fabulous floor for your below-grade room, such as a basement, WPC waterproof floors are an excellent option. The characteristics and styles of these floors combine the durability of luxury vinyl with the rich visual of wood. In fact, all luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof. Call us or visit our showroom in Salem, OR and we can walk you through an easy process of helping you determine the perfect flooring for your home décor, family lifestyle, personal aesthetics and of course price. There are options, colors, styles, and textures available for any budget.


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