Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Salem, OR

You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) in a wood-like plank from real wood. The same can be said for natural stone or ceramic tile looks and any look that LVF is mimicking; the technological advances in manufacturing make this an unsurpassed product. This floor is 100% waterproof as well. The styles and the designs and the colors are abundant. The texture feels as real as the character of the real deal.

At Surfaces NW, you can see every type of luxury vinyl flooring at price points and durability that meet your needs and your lifestyle. We serve customers in Salem, OR, Dallas, OR, Albany, OR, Corvallis, OR, and McMinnville, OR out of our Salem, OR showroom; and we would like to serve you too. Our showroom and associates are knowledgeable in all types of flooring products and can give you options based on your lifestyle and décor.

LVF, LVT and LVP - What’s the difference?

Luxury vinyl floors or LVF refers to the whole flooring category. LVT and LVP represent acronyms that identify the “format” or “size” of the flooring. Luxury vinyl tile, are tile sizes that mimic all types of natural stone and other natural materials. Luxury vinyl planks are planks in sizes with the same ranges of actual hardwood floors. You can find them at all different widths and all different lengths. It is part of the replicating allure of these floors.

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Luxury vinyl flooring installation in Salem, OR

There are two basic types of installation. One is glue down and the other is click together. They type of luxury vinyl flooring you choose will determine the installation technique. Or another way to look at it is, do you want to do a glue down installation or a click together and purchase the flooring from those options. One advantage of the click together is that is can go over many existing floors, so no need to demo the old floors. Also, these floors are waterproof, so in case of an emergency, such as a leaking or bursting pipe, or leaving a window open during a vacation; they can be picked up (unclicked together) and then dried out. At the same time, the subfloors can be left to dry out and once they are the LVF can be put back down on top of the subfloor. No need to replace the floors entirely.

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