Hardwood Flooring in Salem, OR

Hardwood floors have been around for centuries. It used to be that floors only the privileged could afford. One of the amazing things about this type of floor is that is can be refinished. Depending on whether is solid or engineered, will determine the number of times. So while any floors are an investment, purchasing a wood floor can last lifetimes.

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Types of wood floor species

The choices in species are abundant. The hardest wood species are cherry, maple, and oak; others that are very popular are ash, walnut, mahogany, and bamboo –which is really a grass but very strong. These types are all considered domestic, or from the United States. The other category is exotic species from all over the world. These tend to cost more than domestic, but if you find the perfect look and feel, it is well worth it. Exotic species include teak, mesquite, Brazilian cherry, and Tigerwood. Reclaimed wood is also another option that makes an outstanding floor.

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Engineered or solid hardwood flooring in Salem, OR?

Solid wood typically comes in 5/8 to ¾ inches thick; which lends itself to being refinished and sanded many times. There are some drawbacks, and one it that with changes in humidity it contracts and expands and therefore not recommended for any below grade rooms, such as a basement. Engineered is also real wood, but it is not solid. It has a top layer of real wood that is adhered, via glue to, several crisscrossed layers of typical plywood that make it dimensionally stable. What this means to you, is that it is a great option to put in a basement, if you want real wood.

With both types of flooring, the hardwood must sit in the room it will be installed in and get acclimated to that room’s temperature prior to installation. Be sure to read the manufacturers recommended number of days for the brands you buy.

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