Carpet flooring in Salem, OR

Are you considering carpet for your home or business? With the advent of technological advances in manufacturing, today carpet choices are more durable and beautiful than ever. There are many types of fiber options, pattern options with an array of colors and tones that can match any décor and any lifestyle.

At Surfaces NW, we have carpet options, professional carpet replacement services, and a very knowledgeable staff that can work with you to find the perfect carpet that will suit your lifestyle. With our showroom in Salem, OR we serve all surrounding areas including Salem, OR, Dallas, OR, Albany, OR, Corvallis, OR, and McMinnville, OR.

Carpet durability

What are the specifications that determine the durability of this floor covering? Here are some of the buzz words:

  • Total Weight–this is the total weight which includes the face and the backing; it’s a good number to know, but it’s not the most important in terms of durability
  • Face weight–this is the weight in ounces per square yard of carpet; you want at least a 35 ounce for maximum durability
  • Density rating–this is the face weight divided by the pile height in inches; you want a density of 2900 or more for good durability and nothing less than 2500.
  • Twist level–this is the number of twists in a 1” strand; you should look for a twist level of five or more. The higher the better in terms of performance
  • Wear rating–this is a measure that is given by the manufacturer of how long it will last.

The two most important specifications are the twist level and density level. When you visit our showroom in Salem, OR our flooring and carpet experts can guide you through a series of questions that will help you determine the perfect carpet for your needs and wants. Questions will include: What rooms are you using carpet in? What is your household like? Do you have active children? Do you have pets? Are you concerned with elderly relatives in your home? Do your family and friends track dirt in from outside because of where your home is situated?

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There are carpet options that include pet protection, stain protection, environmentally responsible materials and the list goes on and on. Come see us in Salem and we will answer any questions you have about carpet, with no pressure, just good information.

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