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What is Berber carpet?

Today, many homeowners choose Berber carpet flooring over many other types, but not for the same reasons. If you've never experienced this floor covering for yourself, you might wonder what it is, and we'd like to tell you more about it today.

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It can be confusing to understand what Berber carpet is because some use the name to describe style while others use it to describe color. We can help you distinguish the difference with a better understanding of what it means today.

In the past, Berber was generally a specific look which included light-colored flooring with specks of darker colors mixed throughout. However, these days, it tends to describe a floor covering that is looped, tightly woven, and devoid of carpet tufts resulting from cut loops.

Rolled Berber is often chosen for wall-to-wall carpeting, as this format offers larger size varieties. But you also find Berber tiles that are easily installed, thanks to adhesive backing materials for a peel and press installation.

This carpet is generally affordable, an excellent choice for high traffic areas thanks to outstanding durability. It's easy to clean because spills and debris rarely soak into the fibers under normal circumstances. Thanks to this flooring line's visual features, it hides dirt and debris for floors that look cleaner longer.

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