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Does luxury vinyl have a complementary look for my mid-century home?

Luxury vinyl flooring
has something for every, with complementary designs for any decor. It's a great choice that caters to specific looks because it has many options to make it work.

Complementing a mid-century modern scheme is all about adhering to specific standards. And the more you learn about those, the better match you can make with them.

What is the mid-century modern look?

This term describes decor and furnishings in a broad sense. It includes graphic shapes, clean lines, and vibrant colors, all found in vinyl flooring.

The minimalist ideas are easy to see in the simple pieces and the mixing of materials. And you'll enjoy seeing how indoor and outdoor continuity can set the stage.

Here's how luxury vinyl ties into the trend

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for your mid-century modern look. These materials mimic natural tile, wood, and stone for all the lines and biophilic profiles you need.

The installation techniques also play into this style, with herringbone and chevron layouts. These create even more lines and visual appeal than ever before.

Added benefits from this flooring line

Vinyl flooring gives you added benefits that make it even more appealing for this look. Scratch, stain, and dent resistance help keep these floors looking new.

And don't forget about complete waterproof protection. These floors can last up to 20 years or more.

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