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Don't skip the acclimation process with luxury vinyl flooring

Many homeowners don't know that luxury vinyl flooring can expand and contract. Humidity and temperature changes can affect this flooring much like it affects wood.

The good news is that you can do something for the very best results. Before installation, the acclimation process can solve these problems.

Luxury vinyl can expand

Vinyl flooring features the construction of layers, which can expand and contract. If the flooring doesn't have enough expansion room, it will become damaged. 

Unacclimated flooring can result in warped or buckled pieces that will need replacement. That's why acclimation is so important and can save so much money.

What is acclimation?

Acclimation is the process that equalizes humidity between the flooring and the environment. 48-hours is usually enough to reach an acceptable level.

Our associates will work with you to ensure your luxury vinyl floors become acclimated. And we'll tell you exactly how long it will take once the materials arrive at your home.

The vinyl flooring installation 

Luxury vinyl flooring has a variety of installation methods, including glue-down and floating floors. Floating floors are more forgiving than glue-down, but acclimation is still needed.

Acclimating is necessary for glue-down products to ensure that the glue adheres well. We'll share more information with you visit our showroom in person to shop.

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