Enjoy scratch-resistant surfaces with luxury vinyl flooring

Enjoy scratch-resistant surfaces with luxury vinyl flooring

Your luxury vinyl flooring goes through a lot of wear daily, but you should know that scratch resistance is one of the best benefits of the product line. If you have pets, children, or both, this feature could add years of life to your new flooring, making it worth your while.

You can customize the level of protection you want and need by choosing thicker wear and protective layers. Here are a few more facts that could help you select the perfect options.

Protective layers and more

Wear layers are in place to protect the image layer for your luxury vinyl floors and help prevent the visual from becoming damaged. A protective layer covers the entire surface from dents, dings, scratches, and stains so that even pet nails won't mar the flooring.

High heels and children's toys also leave no lasting impressions, especially when you choose a thickness that guards against even the busiest lifestyles. However, with the right choices, professional installation, and proper care, you could easily see your luxury vinyl flooring last 20 years.

If you still need more information to choose your flooring, stop by and see our luxury vinyl flooring in person. We'll ask about your preferences and requirements and then make suggestions to meet them in every room of your home.

Finding your luxury vinyl floors and services

It's easy to find the perfect flooring when you take advantage of our showroom at Surfaces NW. We offer the highest quality products to ensure your complete remodeling success, whether large or small.

You can visit our showroom in Salem, OR, whenever you're in the area for luxury vinyl flooring that fits your needs. We’ll add you to our roster of satisfied customers in Salem, Dallas, Albany, Corvallis, and McMinnville, OR, so stop by today to get started.