Luxury vinyl flooring in Salem, OR from Surfaces NW

Expect great things from your luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent material for even your busiest areas, offering durability and a reasonable lifespan. With professional installation, these floors can last up to 20 years or more.

But the materials also add a great visual, with plenty of ways to customize your home. Here are a few more great things you can expect from this flooring line.

Stunning visual appeal for every décor

One of luxury vinyl's most popular characteristics is how these products mimic natural stone, tile, and solid hardwood flooring. Realism comes to life through colors, textures, and luxury vinyl flooring layouts that offer authentic traits you might see in the real thing.

Every represented material also offers a trendy look or style that matches the natural product. So, be on the lookout for whitewashed wood, marble stone, and Moroccan tile, to name only a few.

Durability that caters to your needs

When you need a great floor, durability should be one of the first topics on your list of must-haves. It not only stands up to a host of harsh conditions but also helps create an excellent lifespan.

Durable surfaces make luxury vinyl floors the perfect choice for parents and pet owners, especially in your busiest spaces. Consider a few runners or area rugs where necessary for even more protection.

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