Four waterproof flooring facts

Four waterproof flooring facts

Are you concerned about water damage enough to want waterproof floors installed in your home? If so, you should know plenty of options available to match your essential needs.

When you need a great visual, these floors have plenty to offer, but they're also durable enough for your busiest spaces. Here are four facts about waterproof flooring that could help you choose a great option.

1. Waterproof floors are extra durable –
You’ll expect these floors to protect you against water damage from moisture, spills, and humidity. Waterproof floors also offer a protective layer that guards against daily wear, including scratches and stains.

2. You’ll get beautiful appearance options –
One of the best things about this product line is that they mimic natural materials like wood, stone, and porcelain tile. So, enjoy the colors, textures, and formats that feel like they came straight from nature.

3. They’re quick and easy to install –
Few floors are as easy to install as these are, and a floating floor offers the fastest installation. In most cases, you’ll be able to walk on waterproof flooring as soon as it's in place.

4. A long lifespan is available –
If you choose the most durable options, you could see these floors last up to 20 years. Once you select a product, we'll give you all the details about its longevity.

Finding your best waterproof floors now

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