Here’s what to know about a carpet cleaning schedule

Here’s what to know about a carpet cleaning schedule

When you choose carpet flooring for your home, you'll find it meets many needs, including protection and stunning décor matching in specific spaces. But to maintain this beauty, the pieces need cleaning regularly, offering benefits and extended lifespans.

Carpet cleaning is important

Regular cleaning is vital to your carpeted surfaces for various reasons, including a brighter look, for stunning visuals through the years. In addition, stains and dinginess are less of a problem when you spot clean and deeply clean as necessary.

This process also gives you a fresher smell because dirt and debris are not ground into your carpet floors, which can harbor bacteria, creating foul odors.

A general schedule of services

Most homeowners follow the standard cleaning schedule for carpeting, which says to clean commercially every 12 to 18 months. Of course, a home with extensive foot traffic and activity should be cleaned more often, but surfaces with little traffic can suffice with less cleaning.

Spot cleaning is also vital to your floor's performance, so when spills or messes occur, you should clean them up immediately. This process prevents these issues from turning into permanent carpet flooring stains.

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