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Luxury vinyl flooring wear layers 101

You'll hear about wear layers when searching for luxury vinyl flooring. However, many homeowners have questions about this layer, what it is, and what it can do.

The information you need is easier to find than you might think. And here are a few facts that could help you choose the perfect material for your floors.

What is a wear layer?

The wear layer sits on top of the visual layer and beneath the protective top layer. Its primary function is to protect the floor's look so it doesn't wear or become marred.

If you see the look of your luxury vinyl flooring start to fade, you'll know the wear layer is breached. But the good news is that's not likely to happen for decades.

You can choose the wear layer thickness that fits your needs best. Remember that thicker materials are perfect for homes with high traffic levels.

What does the wear layer do?

The wear layer also offers durability, helping to resist dents, dings, and gouging. In addition, it gives the protective layer more stability and keeps the floors looking good.

The flooring would wear out much faster than most without a wear layer. So, even luxury vinyl floors with a protective top layer, the lifespan would still be shorter.

Wear layers measure from 6 to 20 mil, with an average rating of 12 mils. Higher mils are more durable, but the price increases, as you might expect.

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