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What is carpet stretching?

If you choose carpet in Salem, OR, you’ll find they offer extensive benefits that fit most of your preferences and requirements. The soft elegance and outstanding visual appeal make them perfect for many rooms.

You'll hear several new terms when you choose this floor covering, including carpet stretching. Here's some information about what it is and how it can serve you.

Carpet stretching defined

There are two ways carpet stretching is used. The first is when new carpets are installed, and we must stretch the material for the best performance.

The other is after the carpet floors have been in place for a few years and start to slip and sag. At this point, stretching can help bring the flooring taut and give it new life and lifespan.

When should you stretch carpet?

When new carpets are installed, stretching is needed to ensure the flooring and its warranty. But what about after they’ve been in place for a while?

There are several ways to determine whether your carpeting needs to be stretched, and we can tell you all about them while you're here with us. We can also come to your home and assess the carpet flooring to tell you exactly what we need to do.

If you have further questions about the stretching process for new or old carpets, speak with an associate. We're here to ensure your successful remodel.

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