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What is the best way to clean luxury vinyl?

There are so many things to love about your new luxury vinyl floors, including their ease of cleaning and maintenance. Today, we will share some tips about how to best clean these surfaces to keep your floors looking newer longer and extending the lifespan to the years they are expected to offer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is clean and stunning

Luxury vinyl flooring
offers many fantastic options, characteristics, and attributes that make them incredibly valuable, including extensive durability, impressive visuals, and an excellent lifespan. But they are also easy to care for, especially when you know the best practices.

With regular, daily cleaning, using a broom to remove dirt and debris, followed by a damp mop to restore the shine, are usually all that is required. However, if deeper cleaning is needed, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations or give us a call for advice on the specific stain.

Be sure to refrain from using any excessive heat to clean your vinyl floors, including steam mops. While some of these products are entirely waterproof, the high heat level can often cause damage that is not repairable, so this option is advised against.

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